Kaye & Kaye Architectural Consultants are an innovative emerging partnership of dedicated architectural professionals with the enthusiasm to offer a new refreshing approach to architecture.
Our design philosophy is based on the fundamental principles of architecture, form, and functionality, with an over-riding practical and realistic approach that encompasses luxury homes and developments, as well as commercial, industrial, educational and leisure projects.
Strong emphasis is placed on a conscious response to the natural surroundings thereby achieving integration between the natural and built environments.


The Way We Work
Our Vision is to create spaces for people to live and work in while maintaining a prominent level of design quality and environmental integration

Our Innovative Concepts
Our innovative concepts enable us to create an optimal standard of living within the structures we design. Our architecture is not as an end but serves the needs of human beings. It is our contribution to society, our part in making the world a better place to live and work in.

The strengths of all our team members are creativity, expertise, individual initiative, and responsibility, enabling us to achieve the optimal outcome together.


Architecture means teamwork, discussion, and service based on an exceptional level of quality. Continuous dialogue and close co-operation with individual clients and others involved in planning enable us to find rapid, rational solutions to even the most complex problems. We have always maintained a distinctive touch that ensures all our projects are handled by a team of professional and dedicated individuals.

Our team is composed of creative, innovative, and communicative individuals with an excess of 50 years of collective experience, who share a fascination for their work and a readiness to become emotionally involved with each project as it develops.

Meeting the daily challenge of competition, in both large-scale and small-scale contexts and succeeding in our work is only possible with a dedicated team and which is built on a basis of professionalism and mutual trust.


We utilize state of the art 3D software that brings life to our designs allowing our clients to visualize their dream buildings. The use of state-of-the-art eco-design software ensures that all our buildings comply with current energy efficiency regulations and green building design principals.

Training & Development
Key to our vision is investing in training and development of staff to ensure that they are kept abreast of new building design tends and materials technology.