SPRINGS OF LIFE CHURCH (Eswatini) will provide seating for five thousand people, an amphitheatre emerging from the earth, the form communicates the elegance of the Edelweiss Flower “Snowflower” the official flower of Swaziland.  The church embodies the simple nature of the snowflower yet stands as an Icon in the landscape. Grounded but immense, the Petalled Dome holds at its core the deepest value of Self.

RICHARDS BAY ASSEMBLY PLANT (Richards Bay Industrial Development Zone) A global multi stakeholder development will potentially see the creation of hundreds of jobs and developments for years to come.

RIVER VIEW (Port Shepstone) this contemporary mixed-use development is situated I the lush, natural surroundings of the Iconic Wild Coast of South Africa. The building offers sophisticated amenities and apartments. Facilities include. 24-hour security, boom access, pool, clubhouse, gym, coffee bar, as well as Offices, Doctors rooms and conference spaces.